Camper Sales Spiking in the U.S.

by Yvonne Johnson

Camper Sales Driven by Need for Freedom

There has always been a niche for the small teardrop camper in the camping community. But after COVID-19 entered the picture, the popularity of all sizes of campers spiked. And like a tide that lifts all boats, the teardrop camper spiked too.

Being confined to the house for months on end is making people look at camping as a way to escape. They realize that the outdoors offers space and freedom! People who never camped before are suddenly interested in this popular pastime. And so camper sales are really on the rise.

"Non-Campers" Drive Camper Sales Up

Obviously, there are new people coming into camping every year. But some of the new camper afficionados are not really looking for the total camping experience. They aren't even looking for a "partial" camping experience. They are just looking for a hotel room they can pull behind them.

This type of buyer is one who still needs to travel but doesn't want to fly anymore. They want to drive, but they don't want to stay in a hotel. They are simply looking to sleep in a clean, safe environment on an overnight trip.

They like the small teardrop camper because of the very fact that it is small. You can park it easily in a parking lot or in your driveway. You can even park it in your garage.  You can even move it around by hand. It offers the perfect solution for their needs.

Why Do Tent Campers Like the Teardrops?

Camper sales are also rising among traditional campers. Campers who have camped in tents for years also like the small camper because it's doesn't change their camping experience much. It's just like having a tent – only more convenient. The advantage is that you don't have to put it up and take it down. (The air conditioning is a plus too!)

Another trend that we are seeing in our industry is downsizing. People who have traditionally camped in much larger campers are moving down the scale in camper size. These are the people who have reached that point in their lives where their new motto is "Simplify! Simplify!"