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Camper Prices

We know that price is an important factor in deciding which brand and model of camper you will buy. Quality is another important factor, and you have to balance the two. Which is more important? When looking at all the different brands of campers across the country, you have to say to yourself, "How much quality am I willing to sacrifice to get a lower cost?" or "How much more can I afford to pay to get better quality?"

.But you don't have to ask these questions at PeeWee Campers.

. . . . Why?

Because we have a range of prices that are reasonable, and all our campers are made with the highest quality.

Hitting the Sweet Spot

At PeeWee Campers, we like to "hit the sweet spot"—the BEST quality FOR the BEST price. Every model that we make is built by the BEST craftsmen, with the BEST methods, using the BEST materials. Our campers are strong, built-to-last, visually appealing (most people say, "Oh, that is so cute!"), highly functional, and well-equipped with standard features (that are included in the base price).

Factory-Direct Pricing

Our prices are factory-direct. That means that only we, the manufacturer, sell our campers. We do not sell through dealers. This is a good thing for buyers, because it keeps the price down. The middle man's cut is "cut out," and you, the buyer, reap the benefit. It also means that you can get exactly what you want in the way of options. You don't have to take whatever is on a dealer's lot.

Selling factory-direct is a good thing for us too. It means that no one can over-promise or misrepresent our campers just to make a sale.

There is a down-side to selling factory direct, however. It means that a potential buyer has to come to Nashville, TN to see a camper. We realize that can be inconvenient, but the up-side is that Nashville is a great place to visit for a little vacation. And we are very flexible about making appointments. We are willing to schedule any time and any day. We just need about 48 hours notice.

Additionally, we offer free delivery in a 500-mile radius of Nashville to take some of the incovenience out of buying from the factory.