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Solidly Built Camper

We build the Big Brother to be a very solid, durable camper from the frame up. Through the years our products have always had the reputation of being the best, and the Big Brother continues in that tradition.

Trailer Frame Construction

The Big Brother trailer frame is manufactured specifically to our design and is built in compliance with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers. The frames are made of 3/16" channel and welded angle steel.

Other features of our trailer frame include the following:

  • High lift springs for maximum ground clearance
  • Dexter axle (supports 3,500 pounds)
  • Upright rectangular steel frame welded to the base of the trailer in the front and the rear for additional rigidity of the walls.
  • A-frame tongue made of HD channel steel with steel shelf to accommodate additional accessories
  • 2" ball
  • Solid steel plate floor with 6 cross members
  • Articulating, stabilizer tongue jack with wheel
  • 4 stabilizing jacks - one at each corner
  • Heavy gauge safety chains
  • 7 flat-pin wiring harness
  • 15" wheels
  • 6-ply tires
  • Running lights, tail lights, and stop lights

Box Construction

The actual box or "body" of the camper is just as sturdy as the trailer frame. It is designed with stylish aesthetics and aerodynamic efficiency.

All our boxes are built from scratch. The walls in our Big Brother are built from 2x4 and 2x6 wall studs just like the walls in a house. The only difference is, the 2x4's and 2x6's are turned sideways. Double-sided aluminum panels are added to both sides of the wall frame, giving us 1.75" walls — the thickest and strongest wall in the industry.

Other features of our box include:

  • Insulated 1-3/4" walls
  • 14" x 14" roof vent
  • 12-volt wiring from deep-cycle battery to 12-volt outlet(s).
  • Slanted nose for less wind resistance while towing, which results in better gas mileage.

Inner and Outer Skin of the Box

For the outer and inner skin of the walls, we use the same great product that we use on the Half Pint - 1/8" Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP). This is a flat panel that consists of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a solid polyethylene core.

ACP is used for external cladding of buildings, insulation, and signage, as well as other uses in the the aerospace and aircraft industry. It's strong, rigid, lightweight, and it doesn't warp. Its thickness and rigidity give the Big Brother a beautiful, smooth appearance (no ripples down the side) and provide more strength than other products (even those that weigh more).

Rotating Jack with Wheel on A-Frame
Wheeled JackThe A-frame tongue is made of heavy duty, 3/16" channel and angle welded steel. The wheeled-jack makes maneuvering easier. It also acts as a leveler for the camper. Its steel shelf provides an area for additional batteries, generator, etc.
Trailer Lights
Trailer LightsRunning lights, tail lights, and stop lights are bright for high visibility.
7 Flat-Pin Wiring Harness
7 Flat-Pin ConnectorThe 7-pin wiring harness trickle charges the on-board deep-cycle battery from your vehicle while you are towing. (Vehicles with a 4-pin connection require an adapter.)
Thickest Walls in the Industry
Wall ConstructionPeeWee Campers makes the thickest walls in the industry. All Half Pint models and the Big Brother have wood framed walls with insulation. The ACP panels on both sides add even more insulation value.

More Info about the Big Brother:
Features and OptionsFloor PlanSpecifications