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Solidly-Built Best Teardrop Trailers

We build PeeWee teardrops to be solid. From the frame up, all of our campers are custom-built for strength, rigidity, and durability. That's why we think we have the best teardrop trailers in the industry. Through the years our products have always had the reputation of being the best and our teardrop campers are no different.

A Lightweight Teardrop Trailer

Many times, in the teardrop industry, “lightweight” is an excuse for flimsy materials and poor construction. Our campers are built to be lightweight, but not too lightweight.

It is NOT our goal to produce the lightest trailers in the industry.


Because teardrop trailers that are too light bounce excessively on the highway, causing extreme stress on structural components. In many cases, components separate or crack, resulting in a trailer that literally tears itself apart over time.

But we do want our lightweight teardrop trailers to be light enough that they are economical to tow.

Trailer Frame Construction

Many teardrop manufacturers save themselves money by scrimping on the steel used in the frame and by using a weak, straight-line tongue. These frames make a very weak camper.

We do NOT use a frame kit available from a discount freight outlet.


Because these bolt-together kits are flimsy and will not hold up over time.

National Association of Triler Manufacturers Seal

All our trailer frames are manufactured specifically to our design and are built in compliance with the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers. They are made with a combination of 3/16" and/or 1/4" channel and welded angle steel. The frame is comprised of six cross members, and has a heavy-duty Dexter axle. The Dexter axle supports 3,500 pounds (NOT 2,000 lbs. like most teardrop trailers). This seems like a bit of an over-kill for trailers in the teardrop weight category, but it makes the trailer tow like a dream.

Other features of our trailer frame include the following:

  • High lift springs for maximum ground clearance
  • Upright rectangular steel frame welded to the base of the trailer in BOTH the front and rear for additional rigidity of the walls and the rear double-door system.
  • A-frame tongue (NOT a weak straight-line tongue) made of HD channel steel with a welded mesh steel shelf that adds even more bracing and provides storage space on the tongue.
  • 2" ball
  • 3/4" thick floor with 6 cross members
  • Articulating, stabilizer tongue jack with wheel
  • 2 stabilizing jacks in the rear
  • Heavy gauge safety chains
  • 7 flat-pin wiring harness
  • 15" wheels (many teardrop campers use 13" and 14" wheels)
  • 6-ply tires (many teardrop campers use 2-ply or 4-ply)
  • Running lights, tail lights, and stop lights

Box Construction

The actual box or "body" of the camper is just as sturdy as the trailer frame. It is designed with stylish aesthetics and aerodynamic efficiency.

We DON'T start with a utility trailer!


Because utility trailers have very thin walls, very thin roofs, and no strong roof support. All our boxes are built from scratch.

The actual walls of the camper are not only bolted to the base frame but are also bolted at all four corner to the upright steel frames that are welded to the base frame in the front and back. The front wall and rear doors are also bolted to the upright frame top cross members. This makes the walls and the frame a totally integrated system that will never shake and rattle apart like many teardrops.

The wall thickness and wall rigidity of the Half Pint gives this camper a beautiful, smooth appearance. Many small campers are made with a single panel of fiberglass or a flimsy aluminum that is laid over a thin piece of lauan - which always warps. The Half Pint has both inside and outside factory baked-on painted aluminum panels that are then factory bonded to a specially treated wood / polyurethane ½” rigid insulation composite.  So, when you look down the side of a PeeWee Half Pint, You never see any ripples on a PeeWee Half Pint - just a smooth, quality look.

Other features of our box include:

  • Rubber coating on the underside of the floor
  • 14" x 14" roof vent
  • Slanted nose for better aerodynamics, which results in better gas mileage.
  • Proprietary, 3-phase waterproof sealing method at all edges and corners, literally making these units leak-proof
Half Pint Frame
half-pint frameRectangular steel uprights welded to the front and back of the trailer give walls extra support.
Rotating Jack with Wheel on A-Frame
Wheeled JackThe heavy duty A-frame tongue is made of 3/16" channel and angle welded steel. It also has a steel shelf that provides storage for extra batteries, generators, propane tanks, etc. The wheeled-jack makes it easy to maneuver the camper by hand, and it also raises and lowers to help level the camper.
Trailer Lights
Trailer LightsRunning lights, tail lights, and stop lights make our trailer highly visible on the road.
7 Flat-Pin Wiring Harness
7 Flat-Pin ConnectorThe 7-pin wiring harness allows an optional on-board deep-cycle battery to be trickle-charged by your vehicle while you are towing. (Requires an adapter for a tow vehicle with a 4-pin connection.)

More Info about the Half Pint:
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