Features of PeeWee Campers

PeeWee Campers builds teardrop camper with lots of standard features included in the base price. Read more about the features and options for the model that most interests you.



KnockAbout Teardrop Trailer

The KnockAbout is our budget model with fewer features/options.



ECON Teardrop Trailer

The ECONO model is basically like the Half Pint just without the galley.

Half Pint


Half Pint Teardrop Trailer

The Half Pint model is our Cadillac of teardrops.

Big Brother


Stand Up Teardrop Model

The Big Brother has an interior height and length of 6'-3" x 10'.



The Small-Fry is only 4'x6'.

The Small-Fry has a few extra bells and whistles.