Free Delivery Options

Who Said There's No Free Lunch?

When we deliver, one of our own people makes the delivery so that we can show you all the "ins-and-outs" of the camper.

We will only deliver up to a maximum of 400 miles, and all or part of that mileage is free, depending on your model, as follows:

  • Little Tripper - 400 miles free
  • Half Pint - 300 miles free
  • ECONO or Small Fry - 200 miles free

Any additional miles (not to exceed our 400 mile maximum) can be added on at $1.00 per round-trip mile. For example, if you buy a Half Pint, and you need a 400 mile delivery instead of a 300 mile delivery, the additional round trip miles would be 200 miles. The additional fee would be $200.

Ain't No Road Too Long . . .
If We Meet in the Middle

If you are a buyer who lives farther away than the "free mileage range" for your model, you might consider meeting us part way. We can meet you at any location within your model's mileage radius that is most convenient to you. We call this our "Meet Us Half Way" plan. We've had scores of buyers take advantage of this plan.

Waiving Free Delivery

Of course, we don't require you to take free delivery. Lots of our buyers want to come to us to pick up their campers and start camping right away. After all, Nashville is a very popular place to visit.

If you waive free delivery, then you will be given a credit. The credit varies, depending on your model, and on how many miles the delivery would actually have been. If the one-way mileage would actually have been less than the "free" mileage allowance, we credit $.75 per actual mile.

Going the Extra Mile

For deliveries beyond the 400 mile maximum, we recommend that you contract with a bonded transport company. These companies deliver on a flatbed trailer instead of towing your camper.

Transport companies can be very expensive, but there is a way to save money if you can be somewhat flexible as to when you take delivery. You can ask to have your delivery combined with another one in your area. This will reduce the overall cost.

Be sure to shop around because transporter prices vary widely. Also, it's generally not possible to get a quote too far in advance of the delivery because prices are partially determined by the price of gas at the time.

Free Delivery Radius by Model

Free Delivery 400 miles

Li'l Tripper: 400-mile Radius

Waiver of Free Delivery Credit: $300 max

Free Delivery 300 miles

Half Pint: 300-mile Radius

Waiver of Free Delivery Credit: $225 max

Free Delivery 200 miles

ECONO or Small Fry: 200-mile Radius

Waiver of Free Delivery Credit: $150 max