Free Delivery within 500 Miles

Who Said There's No Free Lunch?

For a limited time only, we are offering our buyers free delivery within a 500 mile radius of Nashville, TN. The delivery is made by one of our own employees so that we can show you all the "ins-and-outs" of the camper.

When we deliver your camper, we don't tow it, we deliver campers on a trailer as shown in the photos to the right.

Ain't No Road Too Long . . .
If We Meet in the Middle

If you are a buyers who lives more than 500 miles from Nashville, you might consider meeting us part way. We can meet you at any location within a 500 mile radius of Nashville that is most convenient to you. We've had several buyers take advantage of our Meet-Us-Half-Way program.

Going the Extra Mile

For deliveries beyond 500 miles, we use a bonded transport company. This is not our favorite method of delivery because the transport driver is not able to walk you through the "in-and-outs" of the camper like we do.

The cost of transport cannot actually be quoted until close to the time of delivery. There is no set rate per mile for a transport because the price is always determined by the price of gas at the time and whether or not the carrier can combine the delivery with another one to lower the cost.