About Us and Our Products

Experience That Counts!

At PeeWee Campers we have a long history in the automotive, truck, trailer, and RV industries, going back to the early 70's. For over four decades, we have been manufacturing, fine-tuning, and customizing a broad range of products, including (to name a few):

  • vendor trailers
  • tag-along trailers
  • customized trailers (with and without living quarters)
  • campers
  • RVs
  • advertising trucks
  • electric vehicles
  • show car interiors
  • formula race car bodies and frames
  • formula car race engines

Our Experience Is Your Gain!

In early 2016, we launched our newest product division that focuses on the manufacturing of teardrop trailers. We have applied our past experience in building RVs and living quarters in large trailers to the design and construction of the PeeWee teardrop camper models. Installing power, water, cabinetry, wall panels, and all the other amenities that we include in the PeeWee teardrop camper is no different in nature from the build-out in a large trailer. We just make everything fit in a much smaller area.

PeeWee Campers Loves “Small”

Maybe it's just the challenge of making “the smallest,” but over the years, we have made some really small campers and RVs.

Small Campers
One of the camper models in the small category was called the Pint Size. It was packed with amenities and even had a full-size, stand-up shower. This model was put on hold while we tooled up in favor of producing larger numbers of our even smaller teardrop campers.

Small RVs
Another product in the small category was the Ford Transit Connect RV. It was one of the smallest, full-amenities RVs ever built. With only an inside footprint of 4' by 6', the Little Transit still provided two people with beds, a couch, a TV, a table, a refrigerator and microwave, kitchen cabinets with a sink, a flush toilet, and a full, stand-up shower - and we don't mean a marine shower either! Although this was a great little RV, we felt our expertise was better suited to building tag-along campers instead of motorized RVs.

We Also Love “Big”

All the vendor trailers that we have built in the past would represent the “big” category — and by big, we mean 40+ feet long.

A Coca-Cola-Themed Vendor Trailer
Large Vendor Trailer-Campers for Sale

The vendor trailer in this photo is 44 feet long. The living area at the front of the trailer has heat and AC, a full kitchen and a full bathroom with full-sized vanity, sink, flush toilet, and stand-up shower. The gooseneck area houses a king-size bed, TV, and other amenities. The kitchen area, with Coca Cola theme, has a four-burner built-in propane cook-top, kitchen sink with soap dispenser, built-in microwave oven, a refrigerator, and lots of storage with overhead cabinets and base cabinets with plenty of drawers.

A Mobile Upholstery Shop
The 46-foot gooseneck trailer, shown in the photo section on this page, is another example of the trailers we produced for vendors. This trailer is a mobile upholstery shop that features every conceivable item needed to do a custom car interior at a customer's location. Like a camper, this trailer had all the electrical power on-board and was totally self-sufficient.

We Manufacture “Amazing”

At PeeWee Campers, we combined our love for the small and our expertise in the unique, and came up with the “Tailgunner Trailer,” a tag-along, fiberglass Corvette trailer, unlike any other trailers in the country. These trailers were not made from actual Corvette rear-clips, as they might appear. Although these trailers are no longer in production, they show the creativeness and versatility of our designers and production staff.


We designed these trailers along the lines of the Corvette rear end, but we had our own fiberglass molds made for them. They were about 80% the size of an actual Corvette rear end. Light-weight and easily moved by hand, the Tailgunner Trailer could hold an unbelievable amount in its carpeted cargo hold, which had a locking trunk lid with hydraulic shocks that held the lid open.

Our Reach is International

Not only do we manufacture products that are distributed in the U.S., we have also distributed our products internationally.

One of our most unique products, the “elektrofahrzeug” (a German word that translates literally to “electric travel thing” - and means “electric car”), was designed to meet very rigid specifications for use in the “car-free” ski villages of Switzerland. (Zermatt, Saas Fee, and five other villages do not allow residents to use cars within the city limits, but business owners are allowed to use these electric vehicles for transporting skiers to the slopes, making deliveries, etc.)


We manufactured this electric car so it would make virtually no noise, go no faster than 15 miles an hour, have the torque to go up and down steep Alpine streets, and would run on a single charge for an entire day. It had to conform to very exacting Swiss regulations regarding top speed, size, shape, safety equipment, etc. It was powered by 48 small, deep-cell batteries.

Products We've Produced

The Pint Size Camper
PeeWee Campers for SaleThe Pint Size was a standy camper that slept 2, had kitchen, toilet, and stand-up shower.
The Little Transit RV
Rvs and Campers for SaleThe Little Transit had unbelievable number amenities in a tiny space - including a stand-up shower!
Inside the Little Transit RV
RV Interior The kitchen cabinet with sink is behind the passenger seat. On the left was the couch that converted to the lower bunk bed.
A Mobile Automotive Upholstery Shop
Mobile Upholstery Shop This self-sufficient mobile automotive upholstery shop supplied its own electrical power.
Vendor Trailer Kitchen
Vendor Trailer Kitchen The Coca Cola themed kitchen in one of our large 44' vendor trailers.
The Corvette Trailer
Corvette tag-along trailers for sale This fiberglass trailer was 85% the size of a real Corvette.
The Elektrofahrzeug
Electric Car Our "designer-in-chief" on the left delivering the electric car he designed for car-free Alpine villages to our distributer in Switzerland.