Recommended Products

These are items that you can purchase on your own at the same price we would pay. We don't see any point in stocking these items and charging you more for them! You can get them all delivered to your door from Amazon.

30-Amp to 15-Amp Adapter

Amazon30-amp Adapter

This type of adapter is often called a "dog bone." It allows you to electrify your 30-amp service with a 15-amp extension cord. You plug the female 30-amp end of the dog bone onto your camper' s 30-amp plug and then you can plug a 15-amp extension cord onto the male 15-amp end of the dog bone.


 We recommend this type of dogbone for its twist lock ring and LED indicator. We also like the fact that it is a 90-degree angle. This keeps the cord close to the side of the trailer.

5-star Rating

Battery Charger for 12-volt

AmazonBattery Charger

If you have the deep cycle battery option, it's a good idea to take a battery charger along with you. You should recharge your battery when it gets down to about 50%.

We recommend this charger because it charges at a faster rate (10 amps) than trickle chargers (1 - 5 amps).

4.5 Star Rating (over 3,000 ratings)



If you are going to be camping "in the wild," you will need some electric power to run your AC. If you have a 12-volt roof fan, which requires the battery package, you will also need a way to recharge the battery. The perfect answer is a generator. We have always recommended the WEN generator because, in our opinion, it's just as good as the Honda generator at a much lower price. It is super quiet at only 53 decibels, and will run for 9.4 hours at a quarter load. It's also light weight.


4.5 Star Rating 

Heating Your Camper


The Mr. Heater model MH4B is a 3,800 BTU Liquid Propane heater that uses a 1-pound cylinder. It heats up to 95 sq. ft. and does it very quickly. The base has an 8" diameter To light the unit, simply push and hold the ignition button and the integrated Piezo sparking mechanism takes care of the rest. The heater has an Oxygen Depletion Sensor and accidental tip-over shut-off feature.

4.5 Star Rating (over 300 ratings)



This hydraulic jack is worth the investment. We buy hydraulic jacks for every vehicle we own and throw away the poor excuse for a jack that comes with the vehicle. We like this 3,000 pound capacity jack for the camper because it is smaller and lighter than jacks made for lifting higher tonnage. It has a handy case for storage and only weights 18 pounds.

4.5 Star Rating (over 2,600 ratings)


Fold-Up Foam Mattress

AmazonFold-up Mattress

We like the Cozzzi mattress because it's really comfortable, and it folds up for seating or compact storage. We've tested this mattress ourselves and the 4" foam is dense enough that it doesn't mat down, but it doesn't feel "hard." The size (75" x 31") is perfect for our campers. If you purchase two, they will fit in the sleeping compartment "wall to wall." As an added benefit, the zippered cover comes off so you can wash it. It also has easy-carry handles.

4.5 Star Rating (over 200 reviews)

Self-Inflating Mattress

AmazonSelf-Inflating Mattress

This mattress is incredible. Recently, a buyer came to pick-up his new camper at our showroom. While we were doing the walk-around, he said, let me get something first. He returned from his car with a bag, took out a flat pad that was rolled up, and and threw it on top of the camper. Then we continued with the walk-around. In less than 10 minutes, the mattress was fully inflated. He popped it inside, and he and his wife climbed in and stretched out. They told us they absolutely love this mattress because it's so comfortable. It is more expensive than the fold-up foam mattress we also recommend, but it also takes less room to store it, it's easier to handle, and itweighs only 5 pounds. It comes in a single size (25"+ wide) and a duo size (41" wide). Includes compact Mini Pump (used to adjust firmness).

4.5 Star Rating

Theft Protection

Hitch Locks

AmazonHitch Lock

This lock provides ultimate security with its "bolt cutter-proof," hidden shackle design. It also has "pick resistant," 6-pin cylinder technology that allows for over 20,000 different key codes. 


Built with all rust-resistant components, this lock is machined from 6061 aluminum billet. The body of the lock is not cast. Machining the body versus casting the body is critical for security. A thief can remove a casted body by melting it with an off-the-shelf plumber’s torch. The body of this lock can hold up to the torch test. Additionally, the stainless steel spool and serrated security pins make the lock pick, bump, and drill resistant. Made in America.

4.5 Star Rating

Wheel Lock

AmazonWheel Lock

The purpose of a wheel lock is to restrict the rolling of the wheel. It's pretty hard to steal a camper if the wheel won't turn! We like this particular wheel lock because it's adjustable and will definitely fit a PeeWee Campers' wheel. It's also very strong, made of alloy steel. It has soft PVC coated arms to protect wheel finish. It's bright red color makes it highly visible to deter thieves from targeting your camper. A wheel lock has one weakness. A really well-prepared thief could simply jack your trailer up, remove the wheel and replace it with your spare. But there is a solution for that — a lug nut lock - see next item. If you opt for the wheel lock, you also need to purchase the locking lug nut.

Locking Lug Nut

AmazonLocking Lug Nut

This easy to use, one-piece wheel lock functions like a regular lug nut or bolt. It requires a special key tool for installation and removal. Without the key, the tire cannot be removed.


The lock's design allows for an unlimited number of different computer generated lock and key patterns. Every lock is through-hardened and tempered, reaching the depth of hardness needed for its unsurpassed level of security. McGard Locks meet or exceed O.E.M. standards for safety and durability. Made in America.

4.5 Star Rating (over 1,500 ratings)

Wheel Chocks

AmazonWheel Chocks

The wheel chock is designed to prevent your camper from moving by keeping the wheels in place. These are the wheel chocks that we use at our manufacturing facility. They are made of solid rubber so they won't break or crack, and they have excellent grip. They're practically indestructible. You'll need two packs of two.

5 Star Rating (over 9,000 ratings)

Wiring Harness Adapter


All our campers are wired with a round 7-flat pin connector, which is the type of connector needed to connect to the electrical receiver on most newer vehicles. Many older vehicles require a flat 4-pin connector. If your tow vehicle is one of these older ones, you need to get an adapter. The adapter needs to have a connector with 3 male prongs and a female insert. This plugs into the tow vehicle. The other end of the adapter must have the 7-pin connector.

4.5 Star Rating

SUV Tent for Side of Camper

AmazonSUV Tent

Attaching an SUV tent to the side of your PeeWee takes a little ingenuity, but it's well worth it. The advantage is that the SUV tent really has only 3 sides. So you can attach the open side to your camper and get in and out of the camper from the tent. This also allows you to keep the camper door open or the window open so that the AC can also cool the tent.


This 10'x10' tent is 7' high in the center. It has large size, no-see-um mesh windows, and the doors have storm covers that can be closed for privacy. Use the tent area to sleep additional people (up to 4 adults), as a dressing room, or as a place to store your gear. The Water resistant fabric with tape sealed seams protects you from the elements. Includes rainfly and carry bag with sewn-in set up guide.

4 Star Rating (over 570 ratings)

Camper Cover


There is no cover on the market specifically made to conform to the shape of our PeeWee campers. However, this cover is made for 8 to 10 foot campers and has elasticized hem corners and side release buckles and straps to secure the cover. So, it may be a good choice. The cover includes a 3-year warranty. This cover advertises that it defends your RV from rain, snow, dirt, and scratches for all-season protection. Integrated air vents reduce wind stress and inside moisture. Zippers allow easy access to the camper when the cover is on. A storage bag for the cover is included.

4.5 star Rating (over 590 ratings)

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