Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a dealer in my area?
No. We sell direct from the factory only to keep the teardrop trailer prices down. If you want to see one in person, you have to come to our showroom in Columbia, TN. But the good news is that we will reimburse you for your trip up to $300 credit on the price of a camper if you subsequently place an order. Please call at least 24 hours in advance to make an appointment to see a camper. We do not keep a full-time sales staff at the showroom. Check here for models available in stock now.

Q. Is there a warranty?
Yes. We provide a 1-year warranty to the original Buyer against all defects in materials and workmanship. Accessories like air conditioners have their own warranty periods. Watch our video.

Q. Do I have to bring the camper back to the factory in Nashville for warranty repairs?
No. We will find a repair facility that is close to where you are (whether at home or camping) and make sure they can do whatever is needed. We will pay the repair facility directly.

Q. Are your prices on your website current?
Yes. Always. Learn more about prices and price increases.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
PeeWee Campers accepts these forms of payment:

Note that financing is available. See next question and answer.

Q. Is financing available?
Yes. We don't do in-house financing, but we refer our buyers to a national financing program that is backed by SunTrust Bank. It's easy to apply to online, and many of our buyers have used this program through the years. Please call for more information.

Q. My tow vehicle is a <fill in the blank>. Can it tow your camper?
Almost any car sold in America can tow a minimum of 1,200 to 1,500 pounds. Which means that almost any car sold in American can tow one of our 4x6, 5x8, or 5x9 campers.

Note: Some American-made car manufacturers warn owners not to tow with a particular car they make. BUT. . . surprise, surprise! The very same car sold in Europe or Australia lists a towing capacity of guess what - 1,200 to 1,500 pounds. As a rule of thumb, a tow vehicle is capable of towing an amount equal to its own weight. Before you believe the US Owners Manual for your car, check the specs for the car on a foreign website. Then you'll know the truth.

Learn more about vehicle towing capacity.

Q. What size ball does the trailer need?

All our campers use a 2" ball.

Q. Will you install a hitch on my tow vehicle?

No, we don't install hitches or wiring on a vehicle. We have found that U-Haul is generally a really good place to get a hitch installed. Check with your local dealer to see if they install hitches.

Q. My tow vehicle only accepts a flat 4-pin connector. Will it work with your camper?
All of our campers are wired with a round 7 flat pin connector. You will need to get an adapter. Note that you will not be able to use the additional wiring that comes with a 7-pin. For example, you would not be able to trickle charge a deep cycle battery when you are towing. See our recommended products page for an adapter that will work for our campers.

Q. What do you recommend for keeping the camper from being stolen?

Basically, there are two things we recommend: 1.) a really good lock for the hitch (see our recommended products page for the one we like best), or 2.) a wheel lock combined with a lug nut lock (also see our recommended products page for the ones we recommend).

Q. Do you have a bathroom option?
Yes! So glad you asked! Check out all the details of our newest teardrop trailer with bathroom - the Lil Tripper and the BIG Tripper.

Q. Is the camper insulated?
The walls are solid plywood with aluminum factory-laminated on both sides. There is no insulation. But the wall itself has an R value of about 8. However, insulation is a non-issue in campers of any size. In certain weather conditions, all campers will require cooling or heating to be comfortable. Because our campers are so small they cool off or warm up very quickly.

Q. Does the trailer have electric brakes?
None of our trailers come with electric brakes because generally speaking you don't need brakes for such a lightweight trailer. If you would feel better having brakes, you can order them as an option. Please note that electric brakes add 100 pounds to the weight of the camper.

Hitch insert for raising or lowering a ball

Q. How high off the ground should the trailer hitch ball be?
The top of the ball should be 18" off the ground. Smaller tow vehicles may need a hitch insert to raise the height of the ball, while larger tow vehicles may need an insert to lower the height of the ball. Fortunately, these hitch inserts are available in 1" increments all the way to 8" so you can usually get exactly the right height. The same insert can be used to raise or lower the ball for different cars. All you have to do is turn the insert one way to raise and the opposite way to lower.

Q. What class hitch should I install?
Anything more than a Class I hitch is overkill. Of course, you can tow with a heavier class of hitch with no problem. If you have other heavier trailers that you tow, you should install a class hitch that is right for your heaviest trailer.

Q. Where does the AC drain hose drain?
There is no drain hose any more. The latest ACs have a tray inside that catches the water and evaporates it back into the system to help cool the system. You really should not have any water drainage from your AC.

Note: Having said that, however, there is always room for user error that could cause water drainage. If you are using the AC while parked on a slope, the tray inside will not be level and the water could drain out. Always try to have the camper level when towing and when camping. If you know that you are not going to be able to do this, then use a bath towel to absorb any amount of drainage that these newer AC's produce.

Q. Will a 12-volt battery run the air conditioner.
No. You need 120-wattt AC dcurrent to run an air conditioner. The battery is more for charging a cell phone or running a roof fan. Learn more about batteries.

Q. Does the 12-volt battery option have a charger or inverter?
No. Your tow vehicle will trickle-charge the battery while you are driving (if you are using the 7-pin wiring). You also can trickle-charge the batter with an optional solar panel. Otherwise, you should carry a battery charger with you and use it to charge the battery when you can connect the charger with a 120V power source, such as at a campground. or to a generator. See our recommended products page for a battery charger that will work for our deep cycle batteries. 

Q. Will the roof support a roof-top tent and the weight of two people?
We do not recommend this at all. Instead, we suggest that you consider an SUV tent to attach to one side of your camper. SUV tents only have 3 sides. On the Buyers' Photo page, you can see a photo sent to us by one of our buyers that shows this kind of set up. See our recommended products page for the SUV tent we recommend. Note, our campers are some of the strongest in the industry

Q. Can you install a cook stove of any kind in the galley?
Certainly there is room for one and we could, but we don't really like the idea of an open flame in the galley. You can set a portable cook stove on the countertop, but why not take an aluminum folding utility table and cook out in the open?

Q. Do you sell awnings?
We do not, and we never have. Most awnings made for campers are too heavy. When installed on a side wall they bounce as you are towing, causing undue stress on the walls. Some buyers have found awnings that they want to put on the roof, and though we don't recommend them for several reasons, and we won't install them, we possibly can reinforce the roof for that type of installation. However, any damage that such an installation or third party product might cause to the camper would not be covered by our warranty. There are better ways to provide shade. One way is to use a simple tarp with tent poles. Another option is the pop-up canopy. You can see photos of our buyers who use these methods on the Buyers' Photo page.

Q. Do you sell mattresses?
We used to offer mattresses, but unfortunately the company that custom-made them for us went out of business during COVID. We haven't been able to find a replacement vendor. But we do recommend a mattress that you can get on Amazon.com. It's the perfect size and it's a very good quality mattress. See our recommended products page.

Q. Can I send you rims and tires of my choosing as long as they comply with your hub bolt pattern and dimensional clearances?
The short answer is, "Yes." Our bolt pattern is 5 x 4-1/2 inches." However, this is not a simple thing. We probably need to have a conversation about this on the phone.

Note: If the tires have too high of a profile, it might be necessary for you to get the lift option for the trailer.

Q. I have to store my camper outside. Do I need to cover it?
No. It's not really necessary, but it also doesn't hurt to cover it with a camper cover. There are no covers make specifically to fit the exact size and shape of our campers, but we do have a cover we can recommend for its size and features. See our recommended products page for more details on this camper.

Note: If the tires have too high of a profile, it might be necessary for you to get the lift option for the trailer.

Q. My tow vehicle has a 4-pin, male plug. Can you wire the camper to match that?
All our trailers are wired with a 7 flat-pin female connector. You will need to get an adapter. See our recommended products page for an adapter that will work with our trailer wiring system. 

Q. Do you have any type of rental program?
Sorry, we do not have a rental program. But you are welcome to make an appointment to come our showroom to see a camper.

Q. Can you ship and what is the cost?
We do not ship. You will need to contact a shipper and make all the arrangements to have a camper shipped.

Q. Can you mail me a brochure?
Sorry, we don't print brochures any more. Our website is the best place for the most current and accurate information. It is updated constantly with the latest prices, options available, build times, etc.


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