An Affordable Teardrop Camper

The Price Is Right!

Whether you are on a limited retirement budget or just looking for the most bang for your buck, you will find that the price of a PeeWee teardrop camper is one of the best values in the camper industry. We have several models for you to choose from with price ranges that will accommodate practically any budget. Click here to compare prices of all our models.

A Teardrop Camper Can Stretch Your Dollar 

A PeeWee teardrop trailer makes your leisure dollars go a lot farther. First of all, you’ll be amazed at how much camper you get for such a reasonable price.

Secondly, as we’ve said elsewhere, our teardrop trailers are economical. Towing one of our campers is hardly even noticeable at the gas pump. So, you save on gas over heavier campers.

Thirdly, a night's lodging at a camp ground is about $100 less expensive than the cost of a decent hotel room. But, if you are on a tight budget, you don't even have to rent space in campgrounds if you don't want to. According to which PeeWee teardrop trailer you choose, and how you accessorize it, you can boondock in a PeeWee camper and be just as comfortable as you would be if you were connected to a campground pedestal.

PeeWee Campers Help Keep Dreams Alive!

Many working people dream of retiring and spending their time touring the country in a camper. It's become a time-honored tradition, but times have changed. Retirement income for many seniors has been drastically reduced—to the point that buying a camper no longer looks possible. But it is still possible with a PeeWee camper because a PeeWee is one of the most affordable campers available today.  

Camping isn’t just a dream for the retired. There are people of every age who dream of "getting away from it all"—even just for a weekend. Others dream of being able to enjoy the great outdoors in ways that are more satisfying than cutting their grass. They want to hike, or fish, or ride a trail bike, or sit by a campfire. A PeeWee camper can make these "weekend dreams" come true too.

New Adventures Await You in Our Teardrop Camper
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