Teardrop Campers for Sale

We are primarily a build-to-order, factory-direct company. In short, we produce the camper. We are not a dealer, and we do not have dealers. Because we build to order, we rarely build campers and “put them in stock” for sale. And we don’t take trade-ins, so we do not have used campers in stock either.

Demonstrator Models

However, we do build demonstrator models for our showroom. We try to have at least one demonstrator for each model for people to come to see. And we like to sell a demonstrator sometime within the same year that we build it. So, you could say that our demonstrators are “in stock” for sale, just not for immediate sale.

In the past, we built new demonstrators of each model several times a year and sold the “old” demonstrators at a reduced price. But with the current demand, we have not had time to build any demonstrators at all since 2020.

But hold on. . .

That doesn’t mean there is nothing in our showroom for you to see!

Models in the Showroom

Now, when you come to the showroom, you will see campers customers have not picked up yet. Of course, this may mean we do not have the particular model you want to see. When you call to schedule an appointment, we can tell you what models are waiting for pickup.

If we don’t have the model you are interested in, we can tell when the model you want to see will next be in the showroom for pickup.

Currently we have no demonstrators in stock for sale.


When we have available demonstrators for sale, you will see them listed on this page.