Photos of Half Pint Trailers
Built for Our Buyers

More Info about the Half Pint:

Photo of Teardrop CamperThis is a standard Half Pint with no options. It has a window on the driver side.  

Photo of Teardrop CamperOptions on this Half Pint include a side storage box, luggage rack, and graphics.

Photo of Teardrop Camper Towed by JeepOn this 4' tall model, our customer wanted these options: over-sized Jeep tires, Jeep-style diamond plate fenders, a 3" frame lift, and two roof vents.

Photo of Teardrop Campers - back to back

The camper on the left has the optional "lifted" frame to accommodate larger Jeep wheels. It also has Jeep fenders.

Photo of Silver Teardrop Camper with Generator

This Half Pint is optioned to the extreme! It even has all-terrain tires. Note that we do not offer these, but we will install them when provided by the buyer.

Photo of ECONO

In the Half Pint, the optional double doors in the rear give access to the sleeping area or to an optional galley.

Photo of Half Pint with Graphic

Long Island, New York was the final destination for this Half Pint with optional graphics, rear doors, and roof vent.

Photo of Half Pint for a Prepper

We built this one for a prepper. We moved the vent to the front slanted roof because he wanted to carry several solar panels on the roof.

Photo of Red Teardrop Camper

This Half Pint has the optional rear doors and rear 2" hitch receiver. As you can see the buyer is using it to carry a bicycle.

Photo of Red Teardrop Camper

This Half Pint buyer requested  specific blue and gray colors for his graphics that we were able to match perfectly.

Spare Mounted on Side

This Half Pint has the optional spare tire side wall mount. Other options on this camper include the diamond plate storage box on the tongue, graphics, roof fan, and roof rails.

Photo of Silver Teardrop Camper with Generator

This photo shows how much room there is on the tongue. It has room for a generator, and a second 12-volt battery package. Note the optional jeep fenders, 30-amp, and additional window.

ECONO with jeep fenders

This Half Pint has the optional rear doors and Jeep fenders. The buyer supplied the oversized tires.

ECONO with storage boxes on the side

Here's a Half Pint with optional rear doors, Jeep fenders, roof rails, and two storage boxes on the side.

AC in Front Wall

This Half Pint has the battery option, which can be installed on either the left or right step plate or on the tongure.

Interiors (with Options)


This Half Pint has no optional galley so the optional rear doors give access to the entire inside of the camper. The photo shows the AC installed in the front wall (toward the passenger side, these options:  30-amp, second side door, and second side window.

Inside Rear Doors of ECONO

This buyer ordered these options: rear doors, one additional window, one additional door, plus the 30 amp-120 power package.

Galley Configurations

Galley with Many Options

This buyer went all out on the galley option adding a sink, microwave, 12-volt fridge cooler, and 30-amp 120-volt power package. See the next photo of the cabinets with the doors open.

Galley Sink Option

In this photo you can see the installation of the optional sink and the water tank underneath that provides water to the hand-pump faucet.

Galley with AC

Two bright lights illuminate the galley at night. Our customer did not want the base cabinet in the galley on this camper. (Note: We do not install the AC in the gallery wall any more.)

Grey Countertop

Upper and lower cabinets with countertop and optional sink.

Sink and Faucet

In this photo you can see a closeup of the optional sink and the hand-pump water faucet.

Air Conditioning

AC in Galley Wall

This Half Pint buyer wanted the AC installed in the rear instead of the nose. Note: An AC can only be installed in the rear wall if there are no rear double-doors. This unit also includes an optional wall cabinet.

AC in Half Pint

The camper on the left has the optional interior rear wall and the one on right has the galley.

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