Photos of PeeWee Teardrops

Built for Our Buyers

Photo of Teardrop CamperOptions on this Half Pint include a side storage box, luggage rack, graphics, window, diamond plate fenders and edge trim, and custom wheels.

Photo of Teardrop Camper Towed by JeepOn this model, our customer wanted these options: over-sized jeep tires, jeep-style diamond plate fenders, and diamond plate edge trim.

Photo of Silver Teardrop Camper with Generator

Options on this Half Pint include a silver exterior, generator, side window, diamond plate jeep-style fenders and edge trim, and custom wheels.

Rear Door Photo of Yellow Teardrop Camper

We call this the "Yellow Submarine." A retired tennis pro ordered this color to remind him of tennis balls!

Photo of Teardrop Campers - back to back

The camper on the left has the optional "lifted" frame to accommodate larger jeep wheels. It also has jeep fenders.

Photo of Teardrop Called Darth Vader

"Darth Vader" is what we nicknamed this one. Options include the black exterior, TV cable, front and side-mount storage boxes, 3-speed fan, diamond plate trim and fenders, and wheel dress-up kit.

Photo of Campers Outside of PeeWee Camper's Shop

This photo shows 3 finished units all in totally different configurations. Notice the one in the middle has the fan on the slant roof.

KnockAbout with Red Graphics

The basic KnockAbout has only one side entry door. Options on this one include graphics and diamond plate fenders and trim.

KnockAbout with Green Graphics

This KnockAbout has the option of double-doors in the rear. The diamond plate edge trim and fenders are options.

KnockAbout with Blue Graphics

This KnockAbout has an optional window in the driver side, optional graphics, and an optional storage box on the tongue.

KnockAbout towed by VW

The standard KnockAbout weighs only 665 pounds and is easily towed by a Volkswagon Bug.

Photo of ECONO

We called this one "The Blue Sapphire." Notice the alternate location of the spare tire and the huge diamond plate storage box on the tongue that proves that you can never have too much diamond plate!

Photo of ECONO

In the Half Pint and the ECONO, the double doors in the rear give access to the galley in the Half Pint or to the interior in the ECONO.

Photo of ECONO for a Prepper

We built this ECONO for a prepper. We moved the vent to the front slant wall because he wanted to carry several solar panels on the roof.

Photo of Red Teardrop Camper

The standard ECONO has only one side door. This customer wanted his on the driver side. Options include exterior color, over-sized tires, jeep-style diamond plate fenders, and edge trim.

Photo of Red Teardrop Camper

This Half Pint shows the use of the rear 2" receiver hitch option.

Photo of Red Teardrop Camper

This Half Pint buyer requested blue and gray graphics that are the colors of the North and South during the Civil War.

Interior of Half Pint and ECONO (with Options)

Inside ECONO

Interior of an ECONO - looking at the front wall from the rear doors. Options include one extra door and two windows.

Inside Front Wall of Half Pint

Half Pint front wall. Options include AC/DC TV and wall shelf (no longer available). Base price includes two side doors and two mattresses.

Inside Passenger Wall of Half Pint

Half Pint with optional AC and optional window. Mattresses, wall cabinet, and the roof vent are included in the base price.

Inside Rear Doors of ECONO

Inside ECONO looking at back doors (from the vantage point of the front wall). Options include 2 windows, second side door, and 110 power.

ECONO with mattresses

Inside ECONO looking at the front wall. Options: 110 power, 2 mattresses, 2 windows, and an additional door.

ECONO with optional wall

This ECONO model has the optional interior wall with the optional AC installed in the wall. AC comes with an additional roof vent for venting the AC.


The interior of this ECONO shows an AC installed in the front wall.

Vinyl Floor Option

Vinyl floor covering is an option in the Half Pint and ECONO. The optional hatch door in the floor opens to a storage compartment that is 2' x 2' and 6" deep.

3-speed Fan Option

The interior for this ECONO has optional cabinets and the optional Vortex 3-speed, reversible fan.

Roof Configurations

Skylight in Camper Roof

This camper has an optional skylight installed in the roof for star gazing as well as the optional BRIGHT yellow exterior color. (This camper may be visible from outer space.)

Skylight in Camper Roof

This camper also has an optional skylight installed in the roof right next to a fan. other options include roof rails and the bright blue exterior color.

Skylight from Inside

This is the view of the inside ceiling with the the optional skylight and fan. Also visible in this photo is an optional second wall cabinet.

Luggage Rack on Roof

Roof accessories include the luggage rack option, the standard roof vent, and two round AC roof vents for the optional AC.

Solar Panel on Roof

This roof has optional roof rails, a standard roof vent, and an optional solar panel that is used to recharge the 12-volt, deep-cycle battery.

Galley (with Options)

Galley with Many Options

The Half Pint galley includes cabinets and countertop in base price. Options shown here include: sink, AC, 110 power, and 12-volt fridge cooler.

Galley Sink Option

This photo shows the 5-gallon water tank that comes with the optional sink and faucet. Other options include: AC, 12-V fridge cooler, microwave, and 110 power.

Galley with AC

Two bright lights illuminate the galley at night. Our customerdid not want the base cabinet in the galley on this camper.

Galley with Refrigerator

Half Pint galley with options: AC, 110 power, and pull out refrigerator.


Interior of optional refrigerator.

Grey Countertop

Countertops are high-quality, solid surface composite. This model has a gray countertop to coordinate with a black exterior.

All About Air Conditioning

AC in Galley Wall

The typical installation of the optional AC in the Half Pint is in the wall that separates the sleeping area from the galley.

AC in ECONO and Half Pint

The installation of the optional AC in the dividing wall for an ECONO on the left and the Half Pint on the right. (The wall is an option in the ECONO.)

AC in Front Wall

This ECONO model has the AC option, but does not include the interior wall option so the AC must be installed on the front wall.

AC in KnockAbout front wall

All KnockAbouts come standard with air conditioning on the front wall. The storage box on the tongue is an option.

AC in KnockAbout on inside front wall

In a KnockAbout the Ac is installed in the middle of the front wall right next to the electrical outlets.