Half Pint Teardrop Trailer Features and Options
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Included in the Price of the Small-Fry
Edge Trim
Edge TrimDiamond plate aluminum edge trim covers all external edges on the exterior camper box. (Trim matches the fenders.)
FenderCurved, diamond plate fenders.
Jack with WheelThe jack with wheel for easy maneuvering, acts as a stabilizer while the camper is parked and folds out of the way for towing.
License Plate Holder
License Plate HolderLicense plate holder is installed on the driver side rear panel.
Interior LightsOne interior light. Uses AA or AAA batteries so you don't run down the deep cycle battery if you accidentally leave the light on.
Lights - Trailer
Trailer LightBrake light, turn signal, and running light in a sealed unit.
Rear Door
Door has a sliding glass window with screen, keyed lock, and keyed deadbolt in the handle. Measures 26" x 36".
Roof Vent
Roof VentThe 14" x 14" roof vent has a hand crank to open the vent and a screen that covers the vent. Can be replaced with the optional 3-speed fan (which also requires the battery option).
Stabilizer Jacks
Roof VentAdjustable stabilizer jacks are attached to both rear corners.
Vinyl Floor
Vinyl FloorThe plywood floor is covered with vinyl for a smooth, easy-to-clean finish.

Options for the Small-Fry

Available as Priced
12-Volt Package
Deep-Cycle BatteryDeep-cycle battery, installed in a battery box and bolted to a shelf welded to the frame on the rear passenger side. Includes all wiring and 12-volt outlet. Adds 45 lbs. to curb weight. Has 545 cranking amps and 100 minutes reserve. Battery trickle charges from towing and/or from solar panel.
120 outletsOne 4- or 6-gang outlet box with 15 amp outside hookup for plug in at camp grounds, generators, our house outlets.
5000 BTU AC installed in front wall. Extends out on the tongue. AC adds 41 lbs. to curb weight.
Cable TV Wiring
Cable TV WiringWatch your favorite TV programs with our cable connection. For use at campgrounds or with your own satellite dish.
Exterior ColorsIs white too plain? We offer several exterior colors. See choices.
Electric Brakes - Motorcycle Towing Package
Electric BrakesThis option is recommended for towing with a 2-wheel motorcycle.
GraphicsCustom-designed graphic on both sides. Available in many colors. See graphic choices.
Lights - Exterior
Exterior LightAdditional exterior motion-sensor light installed at your choice of location.
Mattress - Double
One double mattress of high-density foam measures 48" x 72" x 5".
Mattress - Single
One single mattress of high-density foam measures 28" x 72" x 5".
Mattress Upgrade
$50 each
Mattress UpgradeUpgrade the standard, high-density 5" thick mattress to 6".
Roof Fan
Roof FanA 3-speed roof fan. Requires the optional 12-volt package.
Fitted - $21
Flat - $18
Custom SheetsThese sheets are custom made to fit our custom size mattresses.
Solar Panel
Solar PanelThis solar panel is a 20W panel that is sufficient for trickle charging a deep-cycle battery. It adds 5 lbs. to curb weight.
Spare Tire and Mount on Side Wall
Spare Tire MountThe spare tire mounts on the passenger side wall. Spare tire and mount adds 32 lbs. to curb weight.
Storage Box
Storage BoxLocking, diamond plate box with hydraulic lid and deep storage tray. Bolts to side steel plate Measures 8" W x 18" L x 18" H. Adds 3 lbs. to curb weight
Storage Box for Tongue
Diamond Plate Storage BoxLocking box is bolted to the tongue and measures 20" wide, 12" deep, and 9.5" tall. Adds 10 lbs. to curb weight.
Storage Box for Tongue
Diamond Plate Storage Box This locking, diamond plate box is bolted to the tongue and measures 30" wide, 12" deep, and 12" tall. Adds 11 lbs. to curb weight.
TVThe 22" flat screen TV has a built-in DVD player and remote. It is wall mounted and runs on either 12-volt or 120 power. TV adds 8 lbs. to curb weight.
WindowSliding, tinted window with screen and interior trim. The window measures 22" x 15".

More Info about the Small-Fry:
Construction DetailsSpecifications