Fuel Economy

Are You Concerned about Fuel Cost?

If you have a PeeWee teardrop trailer, then you don't have to be concerned about fuel cost. Towing one of our teardrop trailers shouldn't impact your gas mileage by even as much as a half a mile per gallon.

A Teardrop Trailer Is Easy on the Gas Two Ways

Whether the price of gas is up (usually) or down (rarely), you will save money on fuel when you are towing a PeeWee teardrop trailer. These two factors make a PeeWee teardrop trailer economical:

  • They are so small that they ride in the dead air space behind the tow vehicle so there is virtually no wind drag caused by the trailer.
  • They are built to be sturdy but lightweight at the same time.


Gas Prices Won't Stop You!
Teardrop trailers save money on gasWith a PeeWee Teardrop Camper, you won't care what the price of gasoline is.