Lightweight Teardrop Trailers Are Economical

Our Lightweight Teardrop Trailers Are Easy on the Gas Mileage

Whether the price of gas is up or down, you will save money on fuel when you are towing a PeeWee teardrop trailer. These three factors make a PeeWee teardrop trailer economical:

  • They are so small that they ride in the dead air space behind the tow vehicle so there is virtually no wind drag caused by the trailer.
  • They are aerodynamic in design
  • They are lightweight even though we build them to be the strongest in the industry. See construction details on the best teardrop trailers built.

Our Prices Save You Money

Right off the bat, you'll save money when you buy a PeeWee camper because our teardrop camper prices are so affordable. Our affordable teardrop trailer also saves you money on upkeep because they are so well built.

Your Car Can Tow Our Teardrop Trailers

Don't even think about spending money to buy a different tow vehicle. Any American car you own is fully capable of towing one of our small campers. Even if your tow vehicle is a 4 cylinder, you should be able to tow a PeeWee teardrop trailer.

You Save Money on Motel Rooms*

Saving gas is not the only advantage of camping in a PeeWee teardrop trailer. You also save money on hotel rooms. With a PeeWee teardrop you decide when to stop, where to stop, and you can rest assured you are sleeping in cleanliness and comfort. Even if you choose to pull into a campground, $20 - $40 per night is much better on the budget than the cost of motel and hotel rooms.

Many of our customers have to travel extensively for work. They have done the math and found that their savings on hotels alone will pay for the cost of a PeeWee camper pretty quickly.

*With the 2020 Corona-virus Pandemic, many people will never want to stay in a motel or hotel room again, and many will prefer to drive instead of fly. Traveling by car with your own sleeping quarters in tow makes it possible to keep doing the traveling you love.


Gas Prices Won't Stop You!
Teardrop trailers save money on gasEven if the price of gas goes back up to previous high levels, with a lightweight teardrop trailer from PeeWee Campers, you won't even care about the price of gasoline.
No More Expensive Hotels!
Teardrop trailers save money on hotelsNo matter how expensive the hotel, you never know what you'll find. Why take the chance? Another concern is traveling with pets. The closest hotel may not accept pets or may charge more for them.