Half Pint Teardrop Trailer Features and Options
Half Pint Teardrop Trailer Features and Options

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Included in the Price of the Half Pint
Battery - Deep Cycle
Deep-Cycle BatteryIncludes battery, battery box, and two 12-volt receptacles. Battery box is bolted to a special battery shelf welded to the frame. Optional placement on tongue (at customer's request). Capacity: 105 Ah. Reserve: 190. Battery trickle charges from towing and/or from solar panel.
Cabinets A high-quality, double-door, solid wood wall cabinet is mounted at the ceiling on the back wall in the sleeping area. See Kitchen Galley for the standard cabinet configuration in the galley.
Cell Phone Holders
Cell Phone HoldersTwo wall-mounted cell phone holders are installed in the sleeping area. The universal holder fits all sizes of smart phones.
Clothes Hooks
Clothes HooksTwo sturdy wall hooks for hanging clothes, back-packs, keys, and more. Holds 35 pounds.
CO2/Smoke Detector
Smoke Detector Alarm sounds for smoke, high levels of carbon monoxide, and low levels of carbon monoxide detected over a period of time.
Drink Holders
Drink HoldersFold-up drink holders are installed on both side walls in the sleeping area (in easy reach if you are sitting with your back to the back wall).
Edge Trim
Edge TrimBrushed aluminum edge trim covers all external edges on the exterior camper box. (Trim matches the standard brushed aluminum fenders.)
Exterior and Interior Panels
ACP SkinWhite, 1/8" aluminum, non-corrosive ACP panels cover the 1-1/2" wall frame on the interior and exterior. Learn more.
FenderCurved, brushed aluminum fenders. (Fenders match the standard brushed aluminum edge trim.)
Grab Handles - Exterior
Exterior Grab HandlesThe camper's front wall has a hand grip on the left and right above the tongue to make it easier to move the trailer around.
Grab Handles - Interior
Interior Grab HandlesOne interior handle by each door to help you get in and out more easily.
Jack with WheelThe jack with wheel for easy maneuvering, acts as a stabilizer while the camper is parked and folds out of the way for towing.
Kitchen Galley
Kitchen Galley The galley has solid wood, high-quality upper and lower cabinets, solid surface countertop, 2 galley lights, and one 12-volt receptacle.
License Plate Holder
License Plate HolderLicense plate holder is installed on the driver side rear door.
Exterior LightExternal LED lights over each side door turn on automatically at night if motion is detected and then after a short time, turn off automatically.
Interior Light3 LED lights are installed: one over each door and a reading light (shown) on the back wall.
Lights - Trailer
Trailer LightLED for brake, turn, and running lights
Two mattresses of high-density foam cover the sleeping area making the equivalent to a Queen bed. Each mattress measures 28" x 75" x 5".
Rear Doors
MattressThe rear doors are swing-out double doors. They have a keyed lock in the handle and a keyed deadbolt. Doors open to the galley.
Roof Vent
Roof VentThe 14" x 14" roof vent has a hand crank to open the vent and a screen that covers the vent. Many buyers get the optional 3-speed fan, which replaces this vent.
Side Doors
Side DoorsDoors on both sides have sliding glass window with screen, a keyed lock in the handle, and a keyed deadbolt. Door measures 26" x 36".
Stabilizer Jacks
Stabilizer JacksA stabilizer jack is welded to each corner at the rear of the trailer. When the jacks are released, they automatically adjust to the proper level.
TiresOur standard tire is a 15" 6-ply. Many other manufacturers of teardrop trailers use 13" 2-ply or 4-ply tires.
Standard WheelWe use 15” silver-color, round-slotted steel wheels. Our wheels and tires give you 2” more ground clearance than most teardrop trailers.

Options for the Half Pint

Available as Priced
120-Power Package
120 power PackageIncludes 30-amp outlet on passenger side, wiring, GFI outlets, 120 outlets, breaker box.
Battery - Additional
Deep-Cycle BatteryThe deep-cycle battery option includes battery, battery box, and two 12-volt receptacless. Battery in box is bolted to a special battery shelf welded to the frame on the passenger side behind the fender. Optional placement is on the tongue (at customer's request). Capacity: 105 Ah. Reserve: 190.
Air Conditioner
ACOur 5000-BTU AC has climate-control and a quiet "sleep" mode. Includes an additional 120 outlet on its own circuit.
Cable TV Wiring
Cable TV WiringWatch your favorite TV programs with our cable connection. For use at campgrounds or with your own satellite dish.
Exterior ColorsIs white too plain? We offer several exterior colors. Note that the roof and the interior will still be white. See choices.
Custom Wheel Dress-up Kit
Custom Wheel Dress-up KitOuter trim ring with hub and lug cover with chrome finish give you the "look" of a custom wheel without the big price tag!
Edge Trim Upgrade to Diamond Plate
Diamond Plate Edge Trim Aluminum diamond plate trim adds a lot of "bling." The standard edge trim is brushed aluminum.
Electric Cords
25' Cord - $114
40' Cord - $149
30-amp Service Cord30-amp cord for use with shore power receptacle. Lock ring secures attachment.
Fender Upgrade - Diamond Plate
Diamond Plate Fender Upgrade to curved diamond plate fenders.
Fender Upgrade - Jeep Style - Brushed
Jeep Fender Upgrade to Jeep-style brushed aluminum.
Fender Upgrade - Jeep Style - Diamond Plate
Diamond Plate Jeep FenderUpgrade to Jeep-style diamond plate fenders.
Fridge Cooler
Fridge CoolerThe 12-volt fridge cooler measures 10 x 15 x 13 inches inside and cools to 40°F below ambient temperature.
GraphicsCustom-designed graphic on both sides. Available in many colors. See graphic choices.
Hitch Receiver on Rear
Hitch ReceiverThe hitch receiver (welded to rear frame) holds bicycle racks and cargo carriers.
Lights - Exterior
Exterior LightAdditional exterior light installed at your choice of location.
Mattress Upgrade
$50 (each)
Mattress UpgradeUpgrade the standard, high-density 5" thick mattress to 6".
Microwave700 - 800-watt microwave. Requires the 120 option.
Roof Fan
Roof Fan3-speed roof fan. Runs on12-volt power provided by the deep cycle battery.
Roof Rack
Roof RackAdd extra storage area with our roof rack. The rack is installed and measures 37" W x 42" L.
Roof Rails
Roof RailsAluminum rails allow for the attachment of various name brand cross rails. 48" long.
Fitted - $21
Flat - $18
Custom SheetsThese sheets are custom made to fit our custom size mattresses.
SinkIncludes drain, pressure-pump faucet, and on-board 5-gallon water supply tank.
SkylightSkylight is 14" x 14" x 4". Installed in the roof only. (Clear or opaque, based solely on availability.) Note: The skylight is taller than roof rails.
Solar Panel
Solar PanelThis solar panel is a 20W panel that is sufficient for trickle charging the deep-cycle battery.
Spare Tire Mount on Tongue
Spare Tire MountThe spare tire mount is installed on the side rail of the tongue on the passenger side.
Spare Tire Mount on Wall
Alternative Spare Tire Mount OptionThe spare tire can be installed on the driver side wall behind the fender.
Spare Tire
Spare Tire15" 6-ply tire on standard silver-painted wheel. Spare tire mount sold separately.
Stone Guard
Stone Guard15"H x 60"W aluminum diamond plate installed on the nose protects against stones.
Storage Box
Storage BoxLocking, diamond plate box bolted to side steel plate comes with removable deep storage tray with hydraulic lift. It measures 8" W x 18" L x 18" H.
Storage Box for Tongue
Storage BoxRectangular, diamond plate box is bolted to the tongue and measures 48" wide x 12" deep x 10" tall.
Storage Box for Tongue
Storage BoxBlack, locking trapezoidal box is bolted to the tongue and measures 36" wide in the rear, 19" deep, and 18" tall.
Storage Box for Tongue
Storage BoxThis locking, diamond plate, trapezoidal box is bolted to the tongue and measures 36"wide in the rear, 19" deep, and 18" tall.
Storage Compartment
Infloor Storage Compartment2' x 2' built-in storage under floor with hinged door. Shown before the floor is painted.
TVThe 22" flat screen TV has a built-in DVD player and remote. It is wall mounted and runs on either 12-volt or 120 power.
Vinyl Floor
Vinyl FloorThe standard floor is painted, 3/4" finish-grade plywood. The vinyl option replaces the paint.
WindowSliding, tinted window with screen and interior trim. The window measures 22" x 15".

More Info about the Half Pint:
Construction DetailsSpecifications