PeeWee Camper Prices

Prices start at $4,795


Factory Direct Prices

Our prices are "Factory Direct." With no middle-man, we are able to offer you a better price on our teardrop trailers.

Only 10% Deposit Required

It only takes 10% down to get your teardrop trailer into production.

Travel Rebate

Travel to Nashville to see a teardrop camper and receive a 4.5% discount (up to $400) toward your purchase.

Easy Financing Available

Apply by phone or online and get approval status in 24 hours or less.

Big Brother


Big Brother Teardrop Trailer

Compare our newest model on the left, the "Big Brother" to it's little brother on the right, the "Half Pint." Big Brother is our tallest and longest trailer. You can stand up in this one. Features include 12-V battery, 120-V power, AC, 2 beds, kitchen, sink, refrigerator/freezer, porta-potty, and more.

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Half Pint


Half Pint Teardrop Trailer

This model comes with a galley and so many amenities that it's ready to camp the day you get it. Features include mattresses, cabinets, 2 side doors and more.

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ECON Teardrop Trailer

The ECONO is the same build as the Half Pint, but it has fewer amenities. This “lean” model has no mattresses, cabinets, galley, or second side door.

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KnockAbout Teardrop Trailer

A different wall system, fewer amenities and options available make this entry level camper perfect for hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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4'x6' Small-Fry

The Small-Fry is only 4' x 6' - perfect for one person (but can sleep two in many cases). At 325 pounds, it can be towed easily by a very small vehicle or by a trike.

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