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A Teardrop Camper with Bathroom Is Finally a Reality!

We've been working on this option for nearly a year. After scrapping several designs, we finally have designed the teardrop camper with bathroom model. The bathroom is 30" x 30" x 5' - large enough to actually use - small enough to fit in the rear. It comes with a portable, flushing toilet, a wall-mounted hand-sanitizer dispenser, and an LED light. The cost of this option is $995.

Teardrop Trailer with Bathroom That's Accessible from Inside or Outside

The bathroom is located in the rear corner on the driver's side. An accordion door separates the bathroom from the sleeping area. And a wall in the middle separates the bathroom from the remaining 30" to the right of it. From outside, you open both rear doors to enter, and you close the left-hand door for complete privacy. The left-hand rear door closes against the middle wall.

Bathroom+Galley Combination

When you add the bathroom option, you still have half the width of the camper that you can use to the right of the bathroom. You can leave this area open to the sleeping compartment, or you can add a half galley. The half galley has a wall to separate the galley from the sleeping compartment, upper and lower cabinets, a countertop, light, and 12-volt receptacle. The bathroom/galley combination option is $1,595.

When you add the half galley, the galley wall makes a perfect place to install an optional AC, and the base cabinet can have an optional sink.

Teardrop Camper Bathroom


Bathroom Option - $995
(Little Tripper ONLY)
Bathroom in Teardrop TrailerView of the bathroom from the sleeping compartment, with the accordion door open and rear door shut.
Bathroom Accordion Door Shown from the Sleeping Compartment
(Li'l Tripper ONLY)
Teardrop Camper BathroomThis photo shows the inside of the sleeping compartment looking at the back wall. The bathroom is behind the accordion door.
Bathroom-Galley Option - $1,595
Viewed from the Outside
(Li'l Tripper ONLY)
Bathroom in Teardrop TrailerView of the bathroom-galley combination from outside with the rear doors open. The sleeping compartment is behind the accordion door. The left rear door closes against the divider wall to give full privacy while leaving the galley open for use.