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Teardrop Trailer Li'l Tripper Specifications
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Tongue Length: 4' 5"
Total Length (from tongue to rear)13' 5"
Total Width (from fender to fender)6' 8"
Total Height (from ground): 6' 7"
Sleeping Area (without a galley or bathroom option): 
   5' High x 59" Wide x 9' Long

Sleeping Area (with options): See diagram below

Bathroom Options

Tires and Wheels:
Tire Size: 15" 6-ply tires (27" diameter)
Wheel Size: 15"
Bolt Pattern: 5 x 4-1/2"

Ground Clearance:
Distance from ground to center of axle: 13-1/2"

Ball: 2"
Optimum Towing Height at Top of Ball:  18" from the ground
Wiring Harness Connector: 7 flat-pin

The Li'l Tripper
Half Pint Teardrop ModelThe Little Tripper is our newest, and largest camper. It is the only model with a bathroom option.

More Info about the Little Tripper:
Bathroom DetailsFeatures and OptionsPhotos