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Li'l Tripper Is One of Only 2 Models in Which You Can Have a Bathroom

Li'l Tripper with Half Galley and BathroomThis photo was taken with both rear doors open. It shows the optional rear doors with the optional bathroom + half-galley with optional sink. Even with the right galley door open, the left rear door closes and latches for bathroom privacy.

Li'l Tripper with Optional BathroomThis photo shows the back wall from the inside of the camper. The accordion door on the right opens to the optional bathroom. The wall cabinets on the left are also optional. If you do not get the optional bathroom + galley, or the optional full galley, the camper has no back wall and the double rear doors would be visible.

View of Bathroom in Li'l TripperThis photo shows the sleeping area with the accordion door open to the bathroom.

Li'l Tripper with GraphicsThe Li'l Tripper is 5' tall inside, but also has an option for 6' height. It's 9' length allows us to offer a bathroom. It includes an AC installed in the front. The Li'l Tripper pictured here has optional graphics and an optional storage box on the tongue.

Li'l Tripper CamperThe Li'l Tripper is 5 feet wide by 9 feet long, and inside the box is 5 feet tall. The spare tire is optional equipment, and this one has the optional side wall mount for the spare tire.

Li'l Tripper is 5' x 9'This Li'l Tripper has an optional trapezoid storage box on the tongue and an optional spare tire.

Li'l Tripper by PeeWee CampersThe battery on the passenger side is an option as well as the optional 30-amp electrical plug and GFI above the battery.

Li'l Tripper with Interior CabinetThis photo shows an optional single-door cabinet in the sleeping area.

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