Photos of our Buyers and Their
Teardrop Campers

Our 5'x9' Lil Tripper Model

Lil Tripper Pick Up

David and Judy's Lil Tripper was ready right on time as promised. The very next day, they had an appointment to get a graphic of their own design put on the sides.

The Roadrunner

Here is the graphic they had made for their Lil Tripper. The green Roadrunner perfectly matches the almost flourescent green color of their Rubicon Jeep tow vechicle.

Lil Tripper Built Like a Tank

Lewis (retired FBI agent) said our Lil Tripper was "built like a tank." He loved how sturdy it is. When he picked it up, he loaded his camping gear and took off on a camping trip.

Home Sweet Home

Harold and Sue bought a Big Brother, promptly sold their house to their son and daughter-in-law, and took off to explore the U.S.A. for a year.

Map of States Visited in Camper

Harold and Sue are keeping track of all the states they have visited on this map of the U.S. They have filled in many more states since this photo was taken.

Our 5'x 8' Half Pint Model

Canada Here We Come Sue and Frankie picked up their 4' tall Half Pint and camped in the Nashville area for a while to give it a test run. Then they took off for a three-month trip to the Northeast and finally to Nova Scotia.

Texans Pick Up Camper

Marlin and his wife, from the "great state of Texas" drove in to pick up their 4' tall Half Pint at our showroom.

Keeping It Simple

Randy, a local, experienced camper, wanted the 4' tall Half Pint with limited options. He's learned from years of camping to keep it simple.

One of Our First Half Pint Buyers

Kim, from Stillwater, OK, is one of our first Half Pint buyers. She loves to welcome new buyers into the PeeWee family.

Using a Pop-up Canopy

Kim likes to set up camp with a pop-up canopy, but as you can see in the next photo, sometimes she uses a tarp.

Tarps Make Good Shade for a Camper

On this trip, Kim covered the entire camper with a tarp and extended it over the rear and one side for shade and cover.

Systers on the Fly

Kim is a member of "Sisters on the Fly," a ladies' camping group, and she takes numerous camping trips with the group as well as on her own.

Canopy with Roll Up Sides

Don and his wife found this canopy with sides that roll down for privacy and roll up for air flow.

Parked in Gatlinburg

James uses his 4' tall Half Pint camper on his lot in an RV park in Gatlinburg.

Half Pint with Jeep Style Fenders

Barry, from Louisiana, wanted his tires and fenders to match his jeep. His rig fits nicely in his driveway.

Half Pint with SUV Tent

This three-sided SUV tent works as a great addition to the ECONO. Barry says the AC in the camper also cools the tent.

One-Legged Table

Barry made his own portable, 1-legged table that balances on the flat jeep fender for support. 

Saving Money on Hotel Bills

Larry and his wife Dianna live in one state, but have frequent business in another state. They bought a camper to save money on hotel bills.  

Camping in North Cascades National Park

Larry and Sue are in the North Cascades National Park in Washington state. Sue said, "I don't see this getting old any time soon."

Half Pint Bicyle Carrier

Kyle's 4' tall Half Pint didn't even cost as much as the two bicycles he carries with him to triathlon competitions.

Colorado Here We Come

Savanna, her boyfriend, and their dog are heading back to Colorado with her new 4' tall Half Pint.

Built for Off Road

Gary, from Gilead, OH, ordered the most "optioned-out" Half Pint ever built for off-road use!


Here's the driver side of Gary's off-road camper. Pretty awesome, huh?

A Tax Deductible Half Pint

Mark, from Missouri, bought his camper to use in his business as well as camp. That's how to get a tax deduction for a camper!

Veteran Owned Camper

Oh, the stories this WWII Navy Veteran told us when he picked up his camper. Thanks for your service Neil!

The Green Machine

Paul and Rosana's "Green Machine" at Lake DeSmet near Buffalo, Wyoming. Note that colors are no longer available.

A Generous Buyer

Karen, who worked for the Park Service at several parks, gave up her place in the production line so the couple in the next photo could get their Half Pint in time for their wedding.

The Honeymoon Half Pint

Jason and his fiance Amy drove in from Missouri to pick up their 4' tall Half Pint just days before their wedding. They spent their honeymoon in the camper on a two-week trip to California.

On a Mission to Visit National Parks

Here's Karen doing some winter camping at Cades Cove in the Smokey Mountains. Her goal is to visit the National Parks where she has never worked. 

The Blue Sapphire

Mike (from Wisconsin) bought a Half Pint that we nicknamed "The Blue Sapphire." Note that colors are no longer available.

HP with Tent attached

Mike has extended his Half Pint with a tent. The tent is good for additional sleeping space, as a changing area, or as a place for a porta-potty.

A small camper for 2 people.

Robyn and Tina are experienced campers, who, like so many, were ready to give up the tents for something more comfortable.

Unusual Use of Roof Vents

Jim had an unusual request—4 roof vents: one on each side of the camper, but none on the roof! He also wanted a rear window.

Prepped for Off Grid

Meet Rodney and his new Half Pint. Rodney is a "prepper," and he has lots of plans for being "off grid" in his camper.

Camping in North Dakota

Rick delivered Larry and Sue's camper to them in Ohio just so he could get a Frisch's Big Boy. In this photo, Larry and Sue are a long way from home — camping in North Dakota.

Long Island Half Pint

Bill camped in his driveway the day we delivered his camper to him in L.I., NY. He sent this photo and said, "Another great camping trip with my Half Pint. The more I use it, the more I like it."

Camper for a Tennis Player

Gary, a travelling tennis pro, wanted a camper the color of a tennis ball. This yellow was as close as we could get! Note that colors are no longer available.

Insurance Adjuster's Half Pint

Bailey, an insurance claim adjuster from Texas, bought his camper to "live in" while on the job doing insurance claims in disaster areas.

Our 4'x6' Small Fry Model

Just Right for Doggies

Notice the low window in this Small Fry. It's for the two little doggies that travel with Alice.   

Santa Claus' Small Fry

Bob, nicknamed "Santa Claus," cycled down from NY to see a Small Fry before buying, then cycled down again to pick it up.

Small Fry at the Continental Divide

Bob immediately set out on a 3-month trip out West. This photo was taken in New Mexico at the Continental Divide.

California Here I Come

On his way to California, Bob stopped in Oregon and 10 other states.

Small Fry

The scenery Bob enjoyed during the trip included snow-capped mountains and mountain lakes.

Small Fry Towed by a Trike

In this photo, you get a good view of Bob's tow vehicle — his trike.

Small Fry with Black Diamond Plate

Rick wanted black diamond plate fenders and edge trim. This is an option we don't offer, but we were able to find it for him. Note that colors are no longer available.