Is a Small Camper Right for You?

We Make 3 Sizes of Small Campers

We offer a range of small campers with our unique 21st century teardrop shape. Our small campers also come in a range of prices to fit most any budget.

Our teardrop trailers come in these sizes:

  • Small: 5' x 10', 6'-4" interior height
    Model: Big Brother
    You can stand up in this one.
  • Smaller: 5' x 8', 4'-3" interior height
    Models: Half Pint, ECONO and KnockAbout
    The Half Pint has a kitchen galley in the rear with a 6'3" sleeping area and numberous other amenities. The ECONO is exactly like the Half Pint, but without the kitchen galley and it has a few less features included in the base price. The KnockAbout is a totally different design and is priced for the truely budget-minded, but comes standard with air conditioning.
  • Tiny: 4' x 6', 44" interior height
    Model: Small Fry
    Perfect for a trike or motorcycle, but of course any car can tow it.

PeeWee campers may be small, but you will find that they are well built and heavy duty. They will stand up to the rigors of cross country travel.

Outdoor Enthusiasts Love Our Small Campers

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you'll love taking our small campers on fishing trips, ski weekends, hunting trips, race weekends, and camping trips. And don't forget tailgating parties!

Tent Campers Love Our Small Campers

If you're a tent camper who's tired of putting the tent up and taking it down (especially in the rain), you'll love the comfort, convenience, and safety of a PeeWee camper. But, with the simplicity of our small campers, you can continue to enjoy the same camping experience you had in your tent - just with a better night's sleep, protection from the elements and animals, and a lot less hassle.

When you're ready to switch from a tent to something more substantial, come and see a PeeWee camper at our location just a little south of Nashville.

Are Our Small Campers Too Small?

Obviously, our small teardrop campers are not meant for a family of four. But our small campers are perfect for one or two people. Of course, there is no rule that says you can't camp with a PeeWee camper AND a tent! Many of our buyers do.


Active People Love PeeWee Campers
Teardrop trailers save money on gas