Is A PeeWee Teardrop Camper Right for You?

Is a PeeWee Teardrop Big Enough for You?

The dimensions of a PeeWee teardrop camper are 5' wide by 8' long. The interior height is approximately 4'. Obviously, our small teardrop campers are not for a family of four, or even three, and you can forget about taking the Great Dane along too. But our teardrop campers are perfect for one or two people.

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Outdoor Enthusiasts Love Our Small Teardrop Camper

Campers who want to get out and travel the country also will find that the PeeWee camper with its 15” wheels and custom built, rigid frame will stand up to the rigors of cross country travel.

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you'll love taking this lightweight teardrop camper on fishing trips, ski weekends, hunting trips, race weekends, and camping trips. If you are a tent-camper who's ready to switch to something more substantial, you'll love the convenience and safety of a PeeWee camper.

Party Time!

The PeeWee teardrop isn't just a small teardrop camper, it can also function as “Party Central.” Imagine the tailgating parties you can have with one of these campers. You have plenty of room to store tables, chairs, coolers, food, grills, and all your other party supplies. The convenient galley area in the back (accessible from double rear doors) provides a handy cooking and food prep area at your party.


Active People Love PeeWee Campers
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