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    Camping Is Part of Our American DNA

    Americans, perhaps more than any other nation of people, have always had a love affair with the open road. Our geography and landscape is vast and breathtaking, and generations of Americans have explored it throughout our history—starting with covered wagons in pioneer days to all kinds of campers and RVs today, like the teardrop camper from PeeWee Campers.

    From the Mountains

    To the Prairies
    To the Oceans White with Foam

    See the USA in a Teardrop Camper

    With a PeeWee teardrop camper, you can travel the back roads with ease; you won't have to stay on the big highways because you won't be towing a “land yacht” around. The narrow wheel base of the PeeWee teardrop camper or cargo trailer allows you to drive without worrying about dropping wheels off the edge of narrow roads. The high ground clearance and high lift spring axle allows you to go over a lot of uneven terrain without a problem.

    Maneuver Your Teardrop Trailer by Hand

    Our teardrop is so lightweight that you can actually maneuver it by hand so it's virtually impossible to get into a spot you can't get out of. Watch our video and see for yourself! Boondockers love this feature because it allows them to camp in the most remote of areas.

    Free Towing Instructions and Practice When You Pick Up Your Camper

    Towing SignThat's right! If you have never towed a trailer before, when you come to pick up your camper, our expert will give you instructions and hands-on practice at our location before you take off with your new PeeWee teardrop trailer. You'll learn how to hitch and unhitch the trailer, how to back up, how to take turns correctly, and more.