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BIG Tripper Is One of Only 2 Models with a Bathroom

BIG Tripper Driver SideThe driver's side has extra storage that is accessible from the outside. The water tank access is also shown in this photo,

Big Tripper - Passenger SideThis photo of the passenger side shows the optional trapezoid storage box on the tongue.

BIG Tripper - FrontThis photo of the driver's side shows the A-frame tongue, the wheeled-jack, and the optional spare tire.

BIG Tripper Front and SideThis Big Tripper has the optional jeep fenders and optional rectangular storage box.

BIG Tripper Rear ACThe Big Tripper has the AC in the rear of the camper and an access door to plumbing, battery, and the water heater.

BIG Tripper KitchenThis photo shows the standard refrigerator-freezer and sink in the kitchen.

BIG Tripper with custom bedThis BIG Brother model has a customized bed. Instead of two separate beds, this bed folds out into a double bed.

BIG Tripper with couch and tableThis photo shows the bed in the couch position with the removable table.

Double bedWhen the bed is folded out, the table must be removed.

BIG Tripper with removable tableThis BIG Brother model has the standard bed configuration with two separate beds. The removable table is also standard.

BIG Tripper with standard bedsThis photo shows the two single beds with the table removed.

BIG Tripper with storage under bedThe bed platform raises up for storage underneath.

BIG Tripper with showerThis photo shows the stand-up shower to the left of the kitchen.

Door to separate bathroom/showerareaThis photo shows the accordion door that closes off the bathroom. Note: The show has a separate shower door.

Water FillerClose up of the water-filler just above the fender on the driver side.

Water HeaterThe tankless water heater. You have access to the heater through the access door in the rear.

More Info about the BIG Tripper:
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