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Small-Fry - 4' x 6'
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4'x6' Small-Fry

The Small-Fry teardrop camper price is small but so is the Small Fry! A small car or a 3-wheel motorcycle can tow this camper. Its size - 4' x 6' - makes it perfect for one person but some of our buyers actually sleep two in this camper.

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Half Pint - 5' x 9'
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Half Pint Teardrop Trailer

This model is perfect for two people and comes in several configurations. It can have a wide open sleeping compartment, or the rear can have a full galley, or a half galley with a bathroom, or a bathroom, or a storage area.

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Half Pint Teardrop Trailer

We have showroom demonstrators on sale now. These demonstrators are loaded with options and the retail prices are deeply discounted! Demonstrators are new and have never been used. Click the button below to see what we have in stock.

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The Best Teardrop Camper Price

Our prices are factory-direct. That means that only we, the manufacturer, sell our campers. We do not sell through dealers. The middle man is "cut out," and you, the buyer, reap the benefit in cost savings. You also can get exactly what you want, and you don't have to take whatever is on a dealer's lot.

We know that a trip to Nashville might be a little inconveninet, but we do offer travel rebates to buyers who want to see a camper before they buy.

How Much Does a Teardrop Trailer Cost?

On some teardrop websites, you really won't be able to calculate a teardrop trailer price. But that's not the case here.

We publish our teardrop trailer prices for all to see. We also make it easy to figure out what the overall camper price will be if you want to add options because we list all of our option prices online too.

Calculate Your Own Price

To calculate your price, start with the base price and then add the cost of the options that you want. You will find that we sell our options individually and NOT in "packages." This means you can get everything you want without having to accept anything you don't want.

Only 10% Deposit + Easy Financing

It only takes 10% down to get your teardrop trailer into production. For financing, apply online and get results within 24 hours. Call us for details.

Available Discounts

Visit our showroom just south of Nashville, TN, and get a 4.5% discount on a purchase (up to $400) for your trouble.

We will deliver your camper for free within a 400-mile radius, or if you want to pick it up, we will credit you for the free delivery.