Teardrop Trailer Graphics

Add Color with Graphics

We have several styles of teardrop trailer graphics. These come in all different colors. You can select one of our standard color graphics or request special colors.

Half Pint with Graphic

Our most popular graphic color is the green graphic shown here.

Throughout the website, you will see many different color graphics that our buyers have ordered, both on our Half Pint and our Small Fry models. You can see photos of the Half Pint models by clicking this link and photos of the Small Fry models by clicking this link.

Coordinating Color Model Names

When you purchase the graphic option, it also includes the name of your camper model in coordinating colors, as you can see in this photo of our Small Fry model.

Small Fry with Text Logo

We usually apply the model name graphic on the sides of the camper, but if you prefer a different location, you can let us know. And we will be happy to accommodate. Additionally, if you just want the graphic without the model name, we can also leave that part of the graphic off. Please note that there is no reduction in price for deleting the model name.

Our Standard Graphics

optional graphics available for teardrop trailers