The Small Fry: $7,995


4'x6' Small-Fry

Fishermen, hunters, hikers, and tailgating race fans love this little camper. The Small-Fry is only 4' x 6' - sleeps one person (but can sleep two in some cases). It can be towed easily by any vehicle.

If you are looking for a small camper to pull with a trike, this might be perfect for you! A trike will tow like a car. There is no swivel hitch needed.

Some of our buyers also tow with large 2-wheel motorcycles, but this can be dangerous if you don't have enough towing capacity or you are not well-trained in towing with a cycle. We discourage towing with motorcycles, but we really have no control over how our campers are towed or used after they leave our showroom. If you are determined to tow a small fry with a 2-wheel cycle, please read our blog about towing with a motorcycle first!


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