Why Buy a Used Camper
If a New PeeWee Costs Less?

The Price Is Right!

Do you think that a used camper is all you can afford? Then take a look at the camper models we offer.

If you are on a limited budget, or you just want the most bang for your buck, you will find that the price of a new PeeWee teardrop camper is surprisingly affordable because you buy directly from the factory. There is no middle man, so you pocket the difference.

We have three sizes, the Lil Tripper, which is 5 x 9-ft, the Half Pint, which is 5 x 8, and the Small Fry, which is 4' x 6'. Check all our prices here. And remember, our affordable prices are for a NEW camper - not a used one!

How Fast Can You Get One?

We build each camper to order so you get just what you want. Lead time varies depending on the time of year and the number of orders in the production schedule. All it takes to get into the production schedule is a down-payment of 20%.

Well Built, But Lightweight

Our PeeWee models are light enough that almost any car sold in American can pull one of our campers! Even though our campers are lightweight, they are very sturdy. Many times a lightweight camper will bounce all over the road when you are towing it. But NOT a PeeWee camper.

Our campers are perfectly balanced and have a heavy-duty, welded steel frame with a Dexter axle. They tow like a dream. Learn more about how we build our campers here.

Find the One that Is Right for You
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