PeeWee Campers

With over 35 years in the industry, PeeWee Campers has brought all its experience to bear on the new shape of teardrop campers for the 21st century. We set the standard for a new world of teardrop shapes that maximize space. Our wedge shape and our squared-off designs both give you more room inside and offer more functionality.

Teardrop trailer models are built on the same footprint: 5' x 8'. They are large enough to sleep two people comfortably and the average interior height is 4'. Our new Small-Fry trailer is 4' x 6' and sleeps 1.

Factory Direct Prices

Because we do not have distributors, we are able to offer you a better price for our teardrop trailers. From our budget-friendly KnockAbout to our Cadillac of teardrops, the Half Pint, we offer a range of small teardrop campers to fit any budget.

If you want to see a PeeWee camper before buying one, you will have to come to Nashville unless you happen to see one of our buyers' campers in your area. If you travel to Nashville to see a camper and order one, you will receive a 4.5% discount toward your purchase.

What Is Standing In Your Way?

Have you been looking for a teardrop camper for sale, but you have some reservations? For example, do you think that

  • Your car is too small to pull a camper?
  • You can't afford the fuel it takes to tow a heavy trailer around.
  • You won't be able to maneuver the camper in “tight” places or in congested, city traffic?
  • You won't be able to tow a camper into those truly out of the way places?

A PeeWee Teardrop Camper is the Answer

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then the PeeWee teardrop camper is just what you need! Our teardrop campers are perfect for camping at campgrounds or boondocking, tailgating at sporting events and races, hunting, fishing, and just enjoying the outdoors on your own terms. If you are looking for a teardrop camper for sale, look no further!

Watch Our Video

See features & options of our flagship camper, the Half Pint.

teardrop trailer video

*Options and features change from time to time. Please check the Half Pint Features and Options page for the most current information.

Only 10% Deposit Required

It only takes 10% down to get your teardrop trailer into production. We accept:

charge-cards we accept

Easy Financing Available

We can offer our buyers financing from a national financing program through a trusted Federal Reserve bank. Application can be made by phone or online and approvals can be obtained in 24 hours or less.

Learn More about Financing

Production Time

Currently, our build time for custom orders is
4 - 5 weeks (depending on options).


Small Teardrop Trailer

PeeWee's teardrop camper is perfect for one or two people.

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Yellow teardrop trailer

Lightweight construction is easy on gas mileage.

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Maneuverable Teardrop Trailers

PeeWee teardrop campers are easy to tow and maneuver!

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Affordable Teardrop Trailer

Retired? Income tight? Take a closer look at our KnockAbout model.

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